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Increasing Efficiency of Gas Turbine by Two Methods: Injection of Humid Air and Steam

In the entire world, the optimization of steam power plant with fossil fuel in order to increase in final generation of power is considered. There are different techniques to increase in efficiency of available power plants with the use of gas turbine. In this research, it is paid to study the Brayton cycle with the injection of compressed and humid air and also steam in order to increase in power and efficiency of gas turbine based on analyse of energy. In this system at first the air is compressed by a compressor and is entered in to the combustion chamber after being humid, which have caused increase in efficiency of this cycles. Then with the injection of steam into combustion chamber, analysis of the thermodynamic first and second law of different parts of cycles is done and the cycles is simulated with EES software and then necessary diagrams are presented. We have paid to comparison of thermal and energy efficiency with simple Brayton cycle and proposed cycles and we have seen the amount of improvement in thermal and energy efficiency in different range of pressure ratios and inlet temperatures.

May, 2012


Conference Papers

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