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Solar energy potentials in Iran: A review


In the present study, the feasibility of using solar energy in different regions of Iran is investigated. For this purpose, maximum, minimum, and average values of annual horizontal radiation were calculated for sixty-three stations. Then, monthly and annual clearness indices and the annual average horizontal radiation map and GIS maps of horizontal radiation (GHR) were prepared for each month of the year. The results show that central and southern regions in Iran, except the coastal areas in the south, receive higher quantities of horizontal radiation. Among these regions, Southern Khorasan and Khuzestan provinces receive significant amounts of solar radiation such that the use of solar systems in these regions will be more economical. Delgan, Mahshahr, Shushtar, Abadeh, and Fadashk stations recorded an annual average horizontal radiation of above 500 W/m2, which shows their potential for photovoltaic applications. These regions may be recommended for further study.

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