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Research Projects

Graduate education projects
A numerical simulation of a pulse tube and analysis of effective parameters on its performance, 2010
An experimental and numerical investigation of the usage of air amplifier as a marine thruster, 2011
An Experimental Investigation of Natural Convection Heat Transfer from a Wavy Surface, 2008
An Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Inclined Inserts on Heat Transfer, 2008
An experimental investigation on the effect of longitudinal flexible filaments on heat transfer and pressure drop in the pipe with uniform wall temperature, 2012
Application of Aquifers as Energy Storage Medium, 2008
Causes of Pipes Rupture in High Pressure Water Heaters of Isfahan Power Plant, 2000
Correlation for Prediction of solar Radiation on IRAN, 1999
Effact of electrohydrodynamic and electrode configuration on internal natural convective heat transfer enhancement, 2012
Effect of Disks of Different Geometries on Heat Transfer in a Tube, 2006
Effect of Hot Gas Injection into a Wet Cooling Tower, 2000
Effect of Inclined Disks on Heat Transfer Enhancements in a Tube, 2005
Effect of Inclined Disks on Heat Transfer in a Tube, 2005
Effect of Inserts on Internal Heat and Fluid Flow, A Numerical Approach, 2009
Effect of Property Variation in Numerical Models of VOF Method for Simulation of Incompressible Flows, 2005
Effect of Wet Compression on the Performance of a Simple Gas Turbine Cycle, 2006
Effective Parameters on an Educational Power Plant Performance,1998
Exergy Analysis of efficiency augmentation of a SOFC combined with a water injected gas turbine power plant, 2010
Experimental Investigation of EHD Enhanced Natural convection from a Uniformly Heated Plate in different Inclination, 2009
Experimental Investigation of EHD-Enhanced Water Evaporation, 2008
Experimental investigation of electrohydrodynamic effect on convective heat transfer enhancement in a pipe by using helical electrode, 2011
Experimental investigation of solar dryer performance using PCM, 2012
Experimental Investigation of the Effect of High Voltage Electric Field on Heat Transfer within Finned Enclosures, 2010
Experimental investigation on the Improvement of Solar Heater Using PCM, 2008
Experimental study of electrode’s shape and geometry effects on the rate of water evaporation by means of EHD, 2010
Experimental Study on the Effect of Inclined Disks on Heat Transfer in Turbulent Internal Flow, 2007
Experimental study on the effect of nano structure coating on pooll boiling heat transfer, 2011
Formation of Solar Absorber Coatings by color Anodizing of Aluminum and Evaluation of its Optical Properties, 2009
Free Convection Heat Transfer from Coils, 1993
Fuel Cell Energy generation and recovery cycle Analysis for Residential Application, 2008
Investigation on the performance of chemical heat pump with adsorption process, 2011
Numerical Analysis of Flow in the Manifold of an Internal Combustion Engine, 2000
Numerical investigation on the behavior of flow in a finger type slug catcher, 2012
Performance of a Miniature Joul - Thomson Cryocooler, 2000
Radiation Heat transfer Analysis from an Overhead Heater, 1997
Selective Surfaces for Solar Energy Absorption, 1994
Simulation of a continuous Alumina Furnace, 2001
Simulation of a Domestic Water Heater, 2002
Simulation of Solar Energy Systems, 1994
Solar Powered Desalination, 2008
Storage Measurements, 1997
Thermodynamics Simulation of a Combined SOFC Fuel Cell, 2006
Transient Heat Transfer from a Buried Pipe, 1997
Two-Phase Flow Heat Transfer Measurements from a Rifled Tube, 1997
University Research
Design and Construction of an Overhang Radiant Heater
Thermo-Physical Characteristic of Paraffin as a PCM
Projects with Industry
Design of a Coal Gasification Pilot Plant
Design of a Leak Testing System for Die Cast Aluminum Parts
Inlet air Cooling and Performance Improvement of Gas Turbines
Water Pump Performance, an Experimental Investigation


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